Robert Clary (A5714)

Born in 1926 in Paris, France, Robert Clary was the youngest of 14 children. Long before starring as Corporal Louis LeBeau on Hogan’s Heroes, Robert Clary began a career singing professionally on French radio at the age of 12, and also studied art at the Paris Drawing School. In 1942, he was deported to Ottmuth, in Upper Silesia (now Poland). He was tattooed with #A5714 and with two other concentration camps in between, he found himself in Buchenwald, where he was ultimately liberated on April 11, 1945. Twelve other members of his immediate family were sent to Auschwitz. This is one incredible story and you’ll never look at Hogan’s Heroes the same way again. Robert Clary’s documentary tentatively entitled “From the Holocaust to Hollywood – The Robert Clary Story” is coming soon from

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