Stuart Kaufman

Charleston, SC

Stuart Kaufman is a retired lawyer, businessman and entrepreneur. He held numerous positions in corporate life, practiced law (he quit that twice because he hated it so much), was an investment banker, and owned several businesses. He holds a B.A. from New York University, and a J.D. from The George Washington University. At GW, he was one of the first five people in the country to earn an LL.M. in Environmental Law. He has one son, David, who is a big shot lawyer in New York, and one wife, Susan, who was a big shot lawyer in New York. He also has a big shot daughter-in-law and three big shot grandsons. Stuart retired in 2005, and when Susan retired in 2012, they moved from New York City to the Holy City of Charleston where, according to Stuart, life began again. He spends his free time as a political activist, supporting the State of Israel, playing at being a greeter at Hyman’s Seafood Restaurant, and riding his big, honkin’ Harley. He recently became a member of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra Chorus, where he utilizes the skills that he acquired as a result of many years of practice in the shower.

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