Paul D. Schwartz, Esquire

Legal Counsel, Charleston, SC

Paul was born and raised in Charleston, SC and attended College of Charleston (BA 1978) and the University of South Carolina School of Law (JD 1982) He has been a licensed attorney in South Carolina since November 1982 and is a member of the South Carolina Bar Association, Charleston County Bar Association and the South Carolina Association for Justice.

Paul is very active in the Jewish community and has served as a Current and Former Board Member, and Former Vice President of Brith Sholom Beth Israel Synagogue.

Paul is continuously recognized for his public service and has received numerous awards for volunteering as a Probation Officer for the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice, for years of volunteering at James Island Charter High School and was awarded the 2018 Man of the Year for Brith Sholom Beth Israel Congregation, to name just a few.

In his own words: “From 1982-Present I have practiced law in all South Carolina Courts. My practice has been in the Family Courts, the State Civil Courts, Federal Court, Social Security Disability and SSI. Since 1990, I have served by judicial appointment as a Guardian Ad Litem in the Family Court, protecting the rights of children. My Law Practice is a general practice and involves civil litigation, family court litigation, Social Security, contracts, business incorporation and other matters, personal injury, and wills and trusts. And, my work with the Holocaust Education Film Foundation has added another great layer of fulfillment to my chosen career path. Working with these incredible men and woman and their families to ensure we NEVER FORGET is incredibly rewarding and I am honored to play a part.”

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Dr. Michael J. Engel

Charleston, SC

Dr. Michael J. Engel was born in Charleston South Carolina. and attended College at the University of South Carolina. He went on to receive his Masters in Teaching at the Citadel and DMD at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Michael’s interest in the Holocaust began at age 6 when his Uncle Joe Engel (84009) came to live with the family. Joe is a survivor of Aushwitz but nobody spoke of it. His interest in the Shoah increased after his Uncle began speaking publicly about the atrocities he experienced. Ultimately Michael helped organize a trip to Poland with Uncle Joe and 23 of his closest friends to visit the camps where we was once an inmate. This was a life-changing event and made Michael’s resolve to Never Forget even stronger.

Dr. Engel has been the chair of the Remember committee in Charleston, Board member of Synagogue Emanu El, serves on many committees at the Synagogue, volunteers at a free dental clinic twice a month, and is an adjunct clinical instructor at the Dental school in Charleston. He is married for almost 30 years and has 2 beautiful daughters.

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Billy Keyserling

South Carolina, Washington, DC

Billy Keyserling brings a wealth of experience in public affairs, public policy, business, marketing and public service to his position as Mayor of Beaufort.

After a career in Washington, DC where he held positions in the US House and Senate, directed political campaigns from City Council to President of the United States, directed the Washington Office of the National Conference on Soviet Jewry working domestically and abroad to free Jews from the former USSR and worked in the private sector public affairs arena, Keyserling returned to his home state of SC in 1989.

Billy served two terms in the South Carolina House of Representatives where he focused on ridding the state of nuclear waste, equitable taxes and education reform, and served as Vice Chair of the Legislative Energy Committee, a unique honor for a freshman legislator. Given his distaste for gridlock and partisan bickering, Billy was elected to his second term as a non-partisan petition candidate and did not run for a third term because he realized he could accomplish more in non-partisan local government.

Keyserling earned a state wide, if not national, reputation for his doggedness when, after serving in the SC House, he waged a one-man legal battle against the U.S. Department of Energy over unsafe nuclear waste storage at the Savannah River Site, and the suit was settled through mediation.

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Anne Ellington

Charleston, SC

For more than 35 years, Anne Ellington has enjoyed a stellar business career; her formative years in property management, cellular communications and as the owner of a write-up accounting business. For the past 25 years Anne functioned as a Staff Accountant, General Manager, Operations Manager and ultimately Senior Vice President for a Charleston, SC manufacturer in the global roofing and waterproofing industry. Throughout her tenure in this male-dominated environment, Anne earned great respect and a reputation as a peer who gets the job done.

Anne’s proven ability to manage budgets, deadlines and finances are a common theme throughout her corporate history and she is tasked with handling these objectives for the Foundation. Her experience and accomplishments prove her capability to meet these needs and she is truly driven by the greater good for all people.

Anne hails from a large and close-knit Charleston family and credits her Mother for the drive to keep chaos out of her life and to fight for good and honorable causes. Having attended the College of Charleston concentrating on Finance and Accounting, she celebrates 38 years of marriage to Langdon Ellington, and together they have two daughters and two grandsons. Anne is fond of saying “family is the best! We are born within a family and as we grow, we bring others into our family as we meet them.”

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Ron Small – Founder

Charleston, SC

Owner of Anchor Media Group, Inc. (the production arm of Holocaust Education Film Foundation) Ron is a graduate of Tulane University and got his start in television in “The Big Easy” producing and voicing television commercials and corporate programming, and following a move to Hollywood; documentaries and films. To date, his association with Post Production Supervisor David Jones has resulted in hundreds of hours of entertainment, business and non-profit programming seen throughout the world.

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Mark Spitz – National Spokesperson

By the time Mark Spitz won his seventh swimming gold medal and established seven world records in the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, he had captured the admiration of millions of people around the world who had seen his incredible performances on television.

One of the most celebrated athletes of all time with 35 World records in swimming, Mark became a major endorsement figure of companies following the Olympics. Mark has appeared in national television commercials, endorsed major companies and has become one of the countries most sought after motivational speakers. Mark had commercial endorsements with Xerox, Kodak, Bausch and Lomb, John Hancock Insurance, General Motors, General Mills, Swatch Watch, Sony, Pfizer, Panasonic, Medco and Allergan.

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