Dr. Michael J. Engel

Charleston, SC

Dr. Michael J. Engel was born in Charleston South Carolina. and attended College at the University of South Carolina. He went on to receive his Masters in Teaching at the Citadel and DMD at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Michael’s interest in the Holocaust began at age 6 when his Uncle Joe Engel (84009) came to live with the family. Joe is a survivor of Aushwitz but nobody spoke of it. His interest in the Shoah increased after his Uncle began speaking publicly about the atrocities he experienced. Ultimately Michael helped organize a trip to Poland with Uncle Joe and 23 of his closest friends to visit the camps where we was once an inmate. This was a life-changing event and made Michael’s resolve to Never Forget even stronger.

Dr. Engel has been the chair of the Remember committee in Charleston, Board member of Synagogue Emanu El, serves on many committees at the Synagogue, volunteers at a free dental clinic twice a month, and is an adjunct clinical instructor at the Dental school in Charleston. He is married for almost 30 years and has 2 beautiful daughters.

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